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Car Buckets

Founded in 2017












Miami-based native and entrepreneur Alexandra Esteve is breaking all the rules and shaking up one of the nation’s oldest industries. She’s beginning that disruption right here in South Florida, given it is one of the most competitive markets in the nation for dealerships to sell cars. So… if her idea can make it in South Florida, it can make it anywhere. Her solution? An online platform that flips the script and makes dealers play by their rules. CarBuckets has already proven to be effective. On average, CarBuckets users get a 42% greater discount than when shopping on other popular automotive websites or on their own. Through CarBuckets, Alexandra is determined to get you into the car of your dreams without any of the hassle associated with the current car-buying process.


The process is simple: Car buyers pick their dream car. Then, get grouped with other local buyers who want the same brand of car. Finally, car dealers compete against each other by giving their best price for each car in the group. The end result? Car buyers get a better price than when shopping alone, without ever having to negotiate with a car salesperson while also saving time and money.


CarBuckets is a simple car-buying solution rooted in the economic law of demand. It’s a solution that will truly change the way America buys cars, while also changing the way we all view the car-buying process. Buying a new car will finally become an enjoyable process – as it should be.


Management Team

Alexandra Esteve, Founder & CEO

Claudia Pou, COO

Chase Vecchio, CTO

Judy Farcus Serra, CFO