Tell us about you.

I had a chance meeting with an investor who had a business in Germany. He was looking to expand internationally but didn’t know any entrepreneurs. At the time I was 22 and operating under the philosophy of living my life to the fullest – with that mindset I decided to take on the challenge and open the Brazil division with him. It was then that I became the director of the marketing and co-founder of my first company, Brandsclub.


Brandsclub became an instant success and within six months began generating $1 million a month in revenue. Flash forward a few years, and I co-founded another company called Clickon and then a third company called Shoes4You.


In 2013 I sold two companies and closed one. I was looking for a new adventure. At that time, the economic outlook of Brazil was not improving, so I decided to move to the U.S. When I moved to the U.S. in 2014 I decided to buy an apartment to diversify my investment portfolio. I was shocked and appalled by the service and the level of inefficiency in the real estate market which is the biggest asset class in the world. But in that inefficiency, I saw an opportunity to use the technical skills that I acquired in the last seven years in Brazil to create a new company called Home61. Home61 has now grown to be one of the largest real estate companies in Miami, and we are looking forward to expansion.



Tell us about your company.

Home61 is a technology-powered real estate agency that was created to reduce the inefficiencies experienced by renters, buyers, and real estate agents. The backend technology enables scheduling of showings, and on-demand access to agents, analytics, and notes. Home61 agents are unburdened by marketing and administrative work, freeing them up to focus on clients, and clients get relevant and timely information allowing them to find the perfect home that fits their needs.


We were the first technology-powered real estate agency in Miami. What we do best is efficiency – we make all sides of the transaction easier allowing for quick and stress-free closings. This level of service sets us apart from others.


What I am most proud of when I think about Home61 is that we provide a real career to real estate professionals who would otherwise be struggling with no leads and no training. Our technology, our training, and more than anything, our proven results enhance the career of our agents while at the same time providing stellar service to our clients.

 This city is an attractive
anchor for fast-paced,
innovative businesses and
the VC’s that come with
them. There is no doubt that
Miami will continue to be
a destination spot for tourists
seeking vibrant city life, and
companies seeking a
tech-savvy environment.


Olivier Grinda, Founder
Why did you choose Miami to
start your company?

Miami can be challenging because it is a large and often not well-understood market. However, Miami was a logical place to start because we needed three key components. We needed to have a big market, a lot of transactions, and a city that was data rich. These components allowed us to create our technology on top of it – creating such efficiency that it turned a previously unviable business into a very attractive one.



What is the biggest
challenge that you’ve
overcome since then?
We initially thought the business model would be based on rentals but quickly found it needed to be based on selling homes. We also discovered that agents required training and we needed to build technology that was a lot wider than expected.
Where do you see your
company in 3 years? In 5?

We’ve learned so much, and everything has changed from our view on rentals and sales to our views on training and technology. Everything has changed except the problem. The problem is the same – buying or selling your home is stressful. Because we understand the problem and embrace change in our business model, we are outstripping our original goals. I think it took us longer to start than we expected but now we have so much more potential than we expected to have.


We are doubling down on Miami and preparing for a big hiring push over the next 60 days that will set us up to open in a second city in the coming year. As for the next 3-5 years, I see us continuing to grow both in terms of agents and transactions without losing sight of the fun and funky culture that we built. It is the Home61 experience, and it’s what continues to drive our success.




Where do you see the future
of Miami?

One of the things I love most about Miami is how it continues to evolve and drive trends in fashion, food, and music.



Favorite local place to
visiting friends
for a Miami experience?
Well, we are a little partial to the Wynwood area because it is where Home61 is headquartered. We love being able to take our running club out on the streets and toss around ideas as we pound the pavement past the street art and striking murals. It’s a great place to take visitors for a day of shopping, craft beer, and late night eats when they get tired of the beach – if that is even possible!