Tell us about you. What is your business background? What was the driving force behind you becoming an entrepreneur? Is this the first business you’ve founded?


I worked as an investment banker after college for 2 years, then went back to business school for my MBA. I then worked as a talent scout in the music industry while working on a start up with a friend; eventually I found EveryMundo and have been here ever since (9 years). The driving force to become an entrepreneur was a combination of enjoying building something and enjoying the feel that a lot rides on my ability to performance or deliver, but at least I can control it. EveryMundo is not my first company – before this, I had a yet-to-be-born luxury beer company called Casencia; a start-up consultancy called Cassel Plasencia; and a music artist management company called 1L Music.



Tell us about your company.


EveryMundo provides airlines with performance website technology. Our products empower airlines to increase online direct sales and new customer acquisition/ownership. We work with nearly 40 airlines worldwide of all shapes and sizes.


Our products empower
airlines to increase
online direct sales and
new customer

Seth Cassel, President and Partner
Why did you choose Miami to start your company?


I am fourth generation Miami. When I moved back in 2009, I knew I would do something entrepreneurial, but I did not know what. I choose Miami, and then started a company, but I didn’t choose Miami to start a company. Though now I would, given the available talent and growth of the city.


What is the biggest challenge that you’ve overcome since then?


That’s hard – it’s a series of small challenges that never stop and keep changing.


Where do you see your company in 3 years? In 5?


In 3 years, EveryMundo is the global leader in on-demand user experience technology for the travel and transport space; in 5 years, it will extend to more major global verticals, such as healthcare, telecom, financial services, energy, and others.



Where do you see the future of Miami?


I see further professionalization of the city, which will attract more talent, which will result in better businesses, which will lead to a never ending virtuous cycle of growth.


Favorite local place to take visiting friends for a Miami experience?


Drink at the Corner, dinner at Fooq’s, dessert is take-out chocolate chip cookies from Morgans and eat them in the Wynwood Walls.