Brave Health

Tell us about you. What is your business background? What was the driving force behind you becoming an entrepreneur? Is this the first business you’ve founded?


Before Brave Health, I led the consumer education vertical at General Assembly. Growing that organization helped me see the value that startups with a social mission can bring to communities, and starting Brave Health was an opportunity to work on incredibly important issues facing communities today.



Tell us about your company.


Brave Health helps people get access to high-quality, affordable treatment for mental health and addiction. There is a treatment gap in the US, and we want to help people with cost and geography barriers get treatment, improve their mental health, and live better lives. We do this by accepting most insurance to make our services as affordable as possible, and by delivering services over video to reduce transportation and geographical barriers to access.




Brave Health helps
people get access to
high-quality, affordable
treatment for
mental health and

Anna Lindow, CEO
Why did you choose Miami to start your company?


Florida has lots of advantages for healthcare organizations, including an incredible talent pool and a large and diverse population. The lower cost of living in Miami allowed me to bootstrap my company for years, which I think it would have been more challenging in some other US cities.



What is the biggest challenge that you’ve overcome since then?


Being patient. As a social entrepreneur, I want to make an impact and help people. Doing important work takes time. I’ve had to learn to be patient.


Where do you see your company in 3 years? In 5?


Expanded into other states, with our work in Florida having laid an important foundation.


Where do you see the future of Miami?


Miami has so many important elements a city needs to be an innovation hub–I think it will continue to grow as a place for people wanting a change from other urban centers in the US.


Favorite local place to take visiting friends for a Miami experience?


A dance class in Wynwood, St. Roch Market in the Design District. I like to show visiting friends that Miami has so much to offer in addition to the beach.