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Venture for America




Venture for America is a two-year fellowship program for recent grads who want to work at a startup and create jobs in American cities. Fellows learn important startup skills at our month-long Training Camp, apply for jobs within our vetted company network, and work for two years as full-time, salaried employees in one of our 15 cities. When Fellows are ready to start a company, VFA has the resources to help make that dream a reality. VFA launched in Miami in 2014 and we have since placed over 45 Fellows with over 25 local companies. Each spring, we have 175+ entrepreneurial recent grads looking to work for startups in cities including Miami. During that time, we source startups and high growth companies who want to grow their teams with our Fellows.


What stage companies does the company work with?

Typically, Seed and Series A but we are open to partnering with companies that offer dynamic roles where our Fellows can learn the ins and outs of growing a business.



We are industry agnostic