StartUp FIU



Start Up FIU

Founded in 2016





11200 SW 8th Street, MARC Building 3rd Floor, Miami, FL 33174



StartUP FIU is a platform that supports researchers, inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs to conceive, launch and scale solutions. There is no better place to test new solutions than Miami, a city that is at the epicenter of challenges like sea-level rise, transportation infrastructure and income inequalities.






StartUP FIU began in January 2016 as a part of Florida International University’s efforts to address both the opportunities and challenges of this new industrial revolution. At StartUP FIU, we see challenges as opportunities. We believe opportunities to shape the Fourth Industrial Revolution should be provided to anyone who has the insight, tenacity and understanding of market opportunity. Therefore all of the programming and events are available to students, faculty, alumni and the community typically at no cost.


Management Team

Emily Gresham, StartUP FIU Co-Founder & FIU AVP-ORED

Robert Hacker, StartUP FIU Director and Co-Founder

Kate Sackman, Director of Empower Accelerator

Anna Etienne, Director of StartUP FIU Food

Daniela Cadena, StartUP FIU Proof of Concept Manager

Kiesha Moody, Director of Social Innovation