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Dagley Law, P.A.


Dagley Law will level with you and bring composure to the chaos that comes with the initiation of a startup. We keep it simple and will quote you flat rates for your transactional needs. From day one, there will be effective planning and management of your project. A detailed and logical plan creates less room for uncertainty, and will help you see the forests and the trees as you grow and expand your business.


Does the service work with certain industries/vertical?

Dagley Law works with a variety of industries, including, technology, food and beverage, fitness, and ecommerce businesses.


Does it offer pro bono startup work?



If so, please explain

Dagley Law is open to offering pro bono services provided the startup meets certain criteria.


If so, please explain the process.

Dagley Law provides legal services on a flat fee and a mixed fee basis. And, we provide startups with various phases for billing so that they have the flexibility to match their legal needs to their business plan.


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contact@dagleylaw.com or (786) 505-4735