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Secocha Ventures

Founded in 2013



Founded in 2013 by Sanket Parekh, Secocha is a VC firm that not only focuses on numbers but rather invests in strong fundamentals and supports people and organizations who want to have a transformative impact on society. Secocha adopts this philosophy for one simple reason: these are the people and organizations that revolutionize their respective markets, bring about positive changes to the world, and ultimately reward investors. The firm sponsors deals with its own capital and syndicates them to a highly curated group of investors within its network. It supports early stage technology startups typically at the pre Series-A round, which must have clear and growing product/market fit, significant revenue growth from customers and increasing ARPA (average revenue per account). Investments range from $100,000 to $4,000,000, but Secocha’s initial investment are always $100,000. The diversity of Secocha’s portfolio shows that the firm invests globally and not just locally in the US. Current portfolio companies include CarePredict Inc, Ossio Ltd, Le15 Patisserie, Home 61, Merlin, The Financial Gym, Inc, Rebag, and Industrial Organic.


What type of industries invested in?

Early stage consumer products & services, fintech & healthcare technology companies.