Brave Health

Before Brave Health, I led the consumer education vertical at General Assembly. Growing that organization helped me see the value that startups with a social mission can bring to communities, and starting Brave Health was an opportunity to work on incredibly important issues facing communities today.


Our greatest entrepreneurial mentor is our father who was raised in a small town in Canada. With just a high school education, his entrepreneurial drive led him to real estate development in Toronto, New York, and finally, Miami. His example is a big reason why we had the courage to take the leap.


I worked as an investment banker after college for 2 years, then went back to business school for my MBA. I then worked as a talent scout in the music industry while working on a start with a friend; eventually I found EveryMundo and have been here ever since (9 years).


With most of my family being educators, I was raised to believe and continue to believe that one's work should focus on helping others. My intellectual interests led me to an academic and research background in bioengineering, economics and business at Brown and Stanford Universities.


Every entrepreneur lives with a deep sense that things can be better, faster, available, easier, scalable, sustainable and, perhaps, fair. My driving forces include the reality that our population will increase by three billion and we don’t have enough housing for the current population


I had a chance meeting with an investor who had a business in Germany. He was looking to expand internationally but didn’t know any entrepreneurs. At the time I was 22 and operating under the philosophy of living my life to the fullest – with that mindset I decided to take on the challenge


I studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Virginia, then obtained my masters at Georgia Tech in the same field. After graduation, I joined Verizon Communications as a Software Architect, but 2 years later, I quit my job to start my first company (ShareMeme) and be part of an accelerator


I’ve been a serial social entrepreneur since I was little kid growing up in Miami. When you’re a Jewban (Cuban-Jew), your parents were immigrants to this country, and you’re the first in your family to graduate from college, you naturally build the same skills you need for entrepreneurship…

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